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My websites are always user-friendly and easy to use so that your website can evolve with your business. With SparkWeb, you'll never have to pay a monthly fee to your Web designer! 


Not sure about what you want or need? Drop me a line, we can figure it out together! 

SparkWeb, a Mississauga born and raised web designer is here to make it happen!

I create personalized websites of all kinds: Whether it's a one page website, an online store, blog or e-learning platform I'd love to hear how we can work together to build the website that you need to boost your business!

Web Designer in Mississauga

SEO services Mississauga

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are always included in a SparkWeb website : Content and images are optimized with keywords and tags to boost traffic to your site. 

Looking to put your business online?

Does your current website need a face-lift?

Are you not getting the visibility that you need online? 

Mississauga Web Services

Custom design & User-friendly

Social Media Strategy

Helping your business thrive with social media

Mobile friendly websites


Google Analytics, Google Search Console


Search Engine Optimization : Keyword research to boost traffic to your site


Online stores : Now an absolute must for local businesses!


Once a website is published, I won't disappear! I am here to help you while you get comfortable with your new site.

Web Sites for Dummies

I also offer a 2 hour class to introduce you to your new or updated website : I'll show you the ins and outs so that you can add and modify your site in the years to come! You'll never pay a monthly maintenence fee to SparkWeb! 


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Web design in Mississauga